3: Perils and Delights of Self-Publishing

Publishing your own work has never been easier, but easy is a relative term as co-hosts Glenn Fleishman and Matthew Amster-Burton discuss. Glenn recently produced a hardcover book with ebook and print-on-demand editions. Matthew has a series of ebooks underway. The two have both worked with conventional publishers in the past. The devil is in the many thousands of details: one wrong move and countless hours can be wasted.

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Show notes

The Magazine: The Book ultimately appeared in three editions:

The fork is your enemy.

Matthew's story

Things publishers consider:

  • No guarantee of sales
  • Niche market is tricky and risky
  • Profit and loss

The Magazine: The Book:

Know your audience:

  • Don't overestimate the size of your audience
  • Don't underestimate the size of your audience

Non-perishable books.

Why crowdfund and not self-fund?

  • Copyediting expenses
  • Cover design expenses
  • Vanity project
  • Is there another way?
  • To gauge interest
  • Pre-sales are awesome
  • Looks are pretty damn important

Pages from Apple is pretty decent.

The quality of bookiness

  • Codex
  • Type
  • Interface to words and thoughts

Project Gutenberg

Budget needs to cover

  • Copyediting
  • Developmental editing
  • Cover design
  • Interior design
  • Software

Glenn's tip: Choose the correct trim size!

Forks galore!

Matthew and Glenn's Saga of Unintended Budget Consequences

Print budget additionally needs to cover:

  • Printing (for offset)
  • Shipping (for offset). Note: International shipping will cost a million dollars.
  • Startup costs (for some print-on-demand providers)
  • Additional cover and interior design
  • ISBNs (may also need for ebook)
  • ISBNs image (EPS, typically)

Kickstarter price discrimination

Glenn's thoughts on The Magazine: The Book, Year 2.

Amazon's inertia, power and domination

Thoughts on distribution

Glenn's New Disruptors podcast episode with Ada's Bookstore owner

Matthew's new ebook: Child Octopus

Book thoughts: Matthew vs. Glenn

For immortality, choose wisely.

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