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1: The Netflix of Ebooks

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In our premiere episode, Glenn Fleishman and Jane Friedman talk over the concept of the "Netflix of ebooks": can one or more online services accumulate enough books of interest to allow subscription-based access that's interesting to readers, produces more revenue for publishers, and has a business case for survival? (See our About page for host bios.)

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Show notes

How can we keep up with the constant change in publishing?

Existing subscription-based ebooks servcies

Can these services:

  • Provide a value and service?
  • Provide sufficient revenue for authors/publishers to invest?

Are libraries suffering from Blockbuster Syndrome?

Rights to books seems to be much more complicated than other media channels.

Is there a gatekeeper for the overwhelmed reader?

The biggest problem with subscription services:

  • Gym membership phenomenon
  • Books are not a mass media business
  • Heavy readers may not be their audience

Big Head and Long Tail

Safari Books by O’Reilly is a specialized market:

  • Books are plentiful, but perishable
  • Books are constantly revised
  • Books in every category
  • Books could be commissioned to fill in the gaps

Industry background:

  • How are royalties calculated?
  • Why are consumers interested?
  • Good for authors besides a paycheck?
  • The book club effect
  • Print vs. e-book profits
  • Beware the power of the Amazon empire

Where does an e-book go when it dies?

Other book-based models

Do publishers even know what is going on?

Glenn predicts a new dystopian future with algorithm created books based on demand.

Ultimately, e-book subscription services have a big struggle ahead of them.

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